Business Values

Integrity - A cornerstone of who we are

A cornerstone of the way we do business is clearly our integrity. All interactions with customers, vendors, suppliers, shareholders and fellow employees are to be conducted with the utmost integrity, honesty and mutual respect.

Our Constant Drive for Excellence

We must continuously strive for excellence. We can never be satisfied with who we are today...even if we are number one. We can, and will, be even better tomorrow.

Our Most Valued Asset - Our Employees

We will strive to build a team that is empowered, dedicated to self improvement and professional growth and committed to winning. And we'll have fun while we are doing it. That means we do not tolerate any unnecessary bureaucratic or political behaviors. Simply put, we'll always try to "do the right thing" in how we interact with each other.

Our Business Partners

Our strategic business partnerships with customers, vendors and suppliers all produce shareholder value. We must nurture and grow these relationships by conducting our daily business in a respectful, honest and competitive manner.

Our Shareholders

We are a publicly traded company. We have a duty to our shareholders to increase the value of their investment and to vigorously safeguard it. We owe it to them to continuously "do the right thing" in each facet of our business. That means we must be at our best not only competitively but ethically as well. We will strive to increase shareholder value each and every day.