Conflicts of Interest

Jabil recognizes and respects that employees may take part in legitimate financial, business and other activities outside of their jobs. However, those activities must always be lawful and free of conflicts with respect to our responsibilities as Jabil employees. We must never misuse Jabil resources, influence and assets or otherwise discredit Jabil's good name and reputation. A "conflict of interest" occurs when an individual's private interest interferes in any way with the interest of Jabil.

Avoiding Conflict:

Red Flags Signaling Possible Conflicts of Interest


Gifts and Entertainment

The offer and receipt of gifts and entertainment are an accepted practice to establish and foster valuable business relationships. However, we must always be vigilant to exercise good judgment in this practice. Gifts and entertainment are broadly defined to include physical things; such as events, trips, services, benefits and anything else of value. Inexpensive business gifts as well as routine entertainment functions and business meals will not generally violate this policy as long as they are appropriate to the circumstances and do not create an appearance of impropriety.