Goals & Expectations

The Jabil Code underscores our fundamental values and is intended to help us understand how to make proper and ethical day-to-day business decisions. For the purpose of this code "employees" should be deemed to include all Jabil directors, officers and employees.

The goals of the Code include:

Key cultural expectations we hope this Code will facilitate.

Jabil is ever-changing. We operate in a dynamic industry and, as a result, every ethical and legal issue simply cannot be anticipated and this Code cannot provide all the answers. It must operate as a guide to help you resolve ethical and legal questions. It should be read and interpreted in a manner consistent with the geographical locations in which we do business. It is our responsibility to use this Code and our common sense when we have questions regarding our behavior or that of others. When all else fails, we must ask for assistance when answering such questions. Most of all, we must always simply "do the right thing."