Jabil Assets

We have a responsibility to properly use and protect the assets of the Company. Assets can be both tangible (such as buildings, furniture, computer systems and equipment, inventory, tools and funds) as well as intangible (such as trade secrets, work time, marketing and pricing strategies). All electronic information transmitted or contained in the Company's information systems is the property of the Company and should be properly safeguarded and used only for job-related purposes.


Personal Use of Jabil Assets

Employees are expected to use common sense when using Company assets to perform routine personal tasks during non-work time such as placing personal telephone calls, faxing, sending personal e-mails and briefly accessing legitimate commercial websites. Access to e-mail and the Internet may be monitored in accordance with applicable law and there is no assurance of privacy. Visiting websites that contain racist, pornographic, gambling or other inappropriate materials is prohibited. Other specific examples of inappropriate use of Jabil assets are the personal use of: company vehicles for non-business reasons; company tools or equipment; company paid mail; company supplies; company assets for personal gain and long distance services at company expense. It is important for each of us to be familiar with, and comply with Jabil's Information Security & Risk Management Policy.


Taking Advantage of Corporate Opportunities

Employees should not take for themselves personally, opportunities that are discovered through the use of Jabil property, information or position.