Our Employees

Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Jabil offers equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals without regard to their race, religion, color, national origin, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or other factors not related to their job performance. We perceive the diversity in skills, abilities, experience and backgrounds of our employees as a strength and encourage it in all areas of the company. We encourage and support self-development through individual assistance and the opportunity for professional growth provided by Jabil University.

Our Work Environment

We encourage a work environment that is free from safety and health hazards, intimidation and harassment, or any other behavior not conducive to productive and excellent work. We must be aware of and abide by all health and safety rules applicable to our jobs.

Personal information of employees will be respected and safeguarded. Access to such records is restricted. Jabil will comply with all applicable laws regarding the disclosure of personal information about our employees.

Communicating with Each Other

Employees are encouraged to communicate respectfully, openly and honestly with one another including supervisors and management. Jabil respects, encourages and welcomes employee's opinions, attitudes and concerns in our continual effort to be simply the best.