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4D Images and Wearables Star in World Cup Goal-Line Technology

“G O A L!”

It may be the most drawn-out, over-pronounced word used by soccer broadcasters around the world, but ensuring a goal’s accuracy is a vital component to upholding the integrity of the world’s most popular sport. As the 2014 FIFA World Cup descends on Brazil, the 12 host stadiums are equipped with the latest goal-line technology designed to measure the exact proximity and position of the ball when shot on goal. The strategic placement of cameras on stadium rooftops and catwalks create a sensory system which continuously captures the ball’s path and speed in 4D. This revolutionary concept designed by GoalControl aids where television cameras lack clarity and position of the ball relative to the goal line. High-speed cameras track the ball’s flight by the millisecond and up to 500 images are captured per second, per camera. Images are sent via fiber optic cables to a central evaluation unit in the stadium for real-time analysis, filtering out all players, referees and fans. This allows for a clear, unobstructed view of the ball. For adoring fans in stadiums and around the world, the ability to quickly show detailed replays of goals or controversial goal line action on stadium LED boards or TVs allow for a more immersive fan experience.


Goal Line Tech Infographic


Unlike traditional replay systems, GoalControl is instant. Additionally, the system incorporates wearable technology. Once the ball successfully crosses the goal line, a vibration and optical signal indicating “GOAL” appears on smart watches worn by all referees within a second. Integrated cameras, software and wearables make GoalControl one of the most sophisticated technologies ever unleashed at the World Cup. Thanks to innovative value engineering, expansive supply chains and unrivaled automation, global manufacturing partners will bring GoalControl and similar technologies into mainstream markets affordably and at scale.

How could your company use this precision technology?

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