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[eBook] Connected Health - Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Around the world, healthcare systems struggle with unprecedented unsustainable rises in costs and demand for expanding access to care. And healthcare innovators are re-evaluating how more effective care can be delivered to more patients at lower cost. In our Connected Health eBook we identify these ... read more

Jabil Acquires Nypro to Deepen Diversified Manufacturing Capabilities Globally

On February 4, 2013, Jabil announced the strategic acquisition of Clinton, Massachusetts-based Nypro, a provider of manufactured precision plastic products for customers in the Healthcare, Packaging and Consumer Electronics industries, with over $1 billion in total annual revenues. As markets shift ... read more

Electronics Manufacturing Expertise Enhances Device Manufacturing Capability

Adding electronics to drug delivery systems is changing the status quo in healthcare. Recent advancements from electronic drug patches utilizing disposable electronics to electronic wireless systems tracking a patient’s glucose and insulin levels are driving the paradigm shift in drug delivery devic ... read more