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Jabil's Dan Gamota Receives NextFlex Fellow Award

Dan Gamota, Vice President of the Hardware Innovation Group, was hand-selected by the NextFlex leadership team to receive the inaugural NextFlex Fellow Award. NextFlex is the U.S. government established Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) Manufacturing Institute consisting of a consortium of companies ... read more

The Latest Market Trends Shaping Optical Communications

The world is becoming connected faster than ever anticipated. To keep up, the digital infrastructure is increasingly relying on high-speed fiber optics. In a recent webinar, Vladimir Kozlov PhD, Founder & CEO of LightCounting, and Jabil Chief Photonics Scientist Larry Tarof PhD, explored the technol ... read more

Jabil's Fiscal 2017 Second Quarter Results

Jabil held an earnings call on March 15, covering the second quarter of its fiscal year 2017. The company reported net revenue of $4.45 billion for the quarter – with 60 percent generated from Jabil's Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) business and 40 percent from Jabil's Diversified Manufactu ... read more