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Connected Health in the Changing Medical Device Ecosystem

If you traveled back in time several centuries, you would find little change in the treatment of sick and diseased individuals in society until the mid-19th century when hospitals were developed, beginning the organization of healthcare. Scientific medicine emerged after that and drove 20th century ... read more

Jabil Leads Innovation Panel at Florida Medical Device Symposium

The Florida Medical Device Symposium, presented by the Florida Medical Manufacturers Consortium and hosted in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 30 through May 1, 2012, brought together hundreds of medical device professionals and decision-makers from around the U.S. ... read more

Jabil Acquires Nypro to Deepen Diversified Manufacturing Capabilities Globally

On February 4, 2013, Jabil announced the strategic acquisition of Clinton, Massachusetts-based Nypro, a provider of manufactured precision plastic products for customers in the Healthcare, Packaging and Consumer Electronics industries, with over $1 billion in total annual revenues. As markets shift ... read more

How a Medical Device Company Can Accelerate Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring that medical devices are user-friendly, compliant with Federal Drug Administration (FDA) regulations and safe for consumers of all ages must be the overarching goal of any medical device firm that desires to market their products and technology. In 2011 the FDA began to lay down the law on ... read more