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Connected Health in the Changing Medical Device Ecosystem

If you traveled back in time several centuries, you would find little change in the treatment of sick and diseased individuals in society until the mid-19th century when hospitals were developed, beginning the organization of healthcare. Scientific medicine emerged after that and drove 20th century ... read more

[eBook] Connected Health - Transforming the Healthcare Industry

Around the world, healthcare systems struggle with unprecedented unsustainable rises in costs and demand for expanding access to care. And healthcare innovators are re-evaluating how more effective care can be delivered to more patients at lower cost. In our Connected Health eBook we identify these ... read more

Biosensors: Making Connected Health Smarter and More Intuitive

Did you know that the earliest form of a biosensor was used in the coal mining industry? Miners used the canary as an early warning system in a coal mine to protect workers from toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or methane. The toxic gases would kill the bird before they affected t ... read more

The End of Illness: How Big Data, Wearable Devices and Nanobots Could Change Detection and Treatment

Fighting disease in both the individual and society has always been a game of catch-up. While data collection and sharing has accelerated risk identification in the digital age, doctors and clinicians still remain stuck in reaction mode to emerging threats. That, however, is beginning to change – an ... read more