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Connecting the Dots: Wearables, Big Data and Healthcare

When consumers think about wearables, they focus on how fashionable that smartwatch appears, obsessing over which brands to purchase and which colors to choose. Whether they’re tracking steps to lose weight or training for a marathon, chances are, style matters. But what many consumers might not rea ... read more

The Digital Doctor is Not a Smartphone

New smartphones are sleek, lightweight and connect us to our other devices, autos and even our bodies. We take them everywhere with us, including into the bedroom while we sleep. It stands to reason that we’d want to use them to monitor everything from our sleep to our physical activity, heart rate ... read more

The Future of Healthcare is Invisible

It’s becoming hard not to notice healthcare wearables. Bracelets, pendants and smart watches diligently track people’s every step on their pursuit to better health. But, some remain unsold as to the long-term medical applications of wearables. There are concerns about using data from a device that c ... read more

Internet of Things is Connecting People to Better Health

The traditional visit to the doctor’s office for non-acute issues such as chronic disease management and routine diagnostics may be on the way out. Thanks to an explosion of wearable devices that connect via the Internet to other devices, such as a physician’s smartphone, tablet or a laboratory comp ... read more