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Adding Value to Innovative Design Engineering


How can EMS partners add value to customer design engineering?

Cybernetic jellyfish. Inexpensive nanoparticle printed circuits. Transparent coatings that harness energy from the sun. All of these technologies may soon disrupt business, healthcare, energy, and communications markets. Some of the brightest engineers and scientists develop these technologies in labs, but how do these inventions become affordable for mass production?

EMS value engineering teams can streamline the manufacturing process to bring products to market faster, better, and often, with considerable cost savings.

According to SAVE International, an international society devoted to the advancement and promotion of value engineering, value engineering is a systematic and structured approach for improving projects, products and processes.

Rising labor costs in Asia and economic distress across Europe complicate the markets, making it increasingly difficult to deliver the next great product. This is where EMS design engineering teams can add value for customers.


Your Innovation. Our Ingenuity.

Jabil takes value engineering seriously. In fact, Jabil has been building its dedicated value engineering team of cross-disciplinary engineers since 2005. With expertise in everything from new product development to plant floor operations, Jabil's value engineering teams play an integral role in intelligently designed and engineered products that improve the value, speed and long-term success of some of the world’s best brands.

Jabil engineers apply ingenuity to customers' innovative designs to deliver significant, proactive cost reductions.  Sometimes, the savings result from streamlining the Bill of Materials by tapping into Jabil’s vast network of strategic suppliers.  Other times, Jabil engineers recommend design optimizations to avoid unnecessary costs. Flexibility and cost avoidance are keystones of Jabil’s Value Engineering team. In fact, value engineering drives 40 percent of active design business at Jabil’s corporate location in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

Jabil works with customers to make great designs even better.  Sometimes, Jabil engineers suggest unique solutions to optimize space, parts and placement. For example, the Jabil value engineering team provided numerous design modification suggestions for a customer’s electric vehicle residential charging station. Everything from reducing part count and assembly steps to leveraging Jabil’s robust supply chain to reduce supply chain disruption risks adds tremendous value for the customer.

Seemingly separate technologies continue to converge and transform entire industries as researchers define new ways to work, communicate and live. Does your EMS company help bring ideas to market on budget, on time and with added value? Does your EMS partner have a dedicated, innovative value engineering team? Jabil may not have cybernetic jellyfish yet, but we do stand ready to ingeniously innovate for our customers.

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