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Building Quality-Centric Leadership

Developing  talent is a key element in ensuring a company’s continuing success. U.S. businesses spend more than $170 billion dollars on developing their leaders according to the American Society of Training and Development, yet 56 percent of company executives say they will soon face a shortage of qualified talent. Furthermore, poor quality products and services make headlines around the world and cost companies millions to billions of dollars. Recently, Toyota and General Motors have both been dealing with recalls as a result of quality issues. In spite of the obvious benefits, as many as 60 percent of employees work in an environment where a culture of quality is less than half of its potential, according to a survey from the Corporate Executive Board Company.

In addition, lack of quality leadership has shown to negatively impact workforce retention and employee engagement.  Traditional employee training is not enough.  Effective and transformational leadership development programs must incorporate two key elements—coaching and mentoring.  The Center for Management & Organization Effectiveness surveyed over 100 executives in Fortune 100 companies and found that half of these organizations saw significant productivity gains and an increase in quality as a result of executive coaching.

Because quality is central to any company’s success, building a quality-centric culture requires great leaders that can engage their employees in delivering best possible services and products to customers.

To ensure that internal candidates were ready for key leadership roles, Jabil’s Quality organization launched a leadership development program. “Our strategy is to use quality as a strategic advantage at Jabil, a differentiator, and in order to do that our leaders need to understand and drive quality in everything they do,” said Clint Belinsky, Jabil’s Vice President of Global Quality.

The six-month intensive development program consists of classroom sessions with coursework created by a cross-functional team of subject matter experts including Quality, Lean Six Sigma and Human Development. On-the-job coaching and mentoring are also part of the program for developing future leaders.

“Quality is a differentiator for Jabil. From developing new programs and initiatives to improving processes and product quality, we are developing highly competent Quality leaders to deploy, drive and sustain these programs,” said Francisco Valerio, Senior Quality Director, who is  leading Jabil’s Leadership for Quality program.

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