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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Make a Reference Design for it

Emerging markets such as renewable energy, plug-in electric vehicles and smart grids are driving increased demand for power electronics of ever-shrinking size, weight and cost, while boosting their performance in challenging and harsh operating environments. Meanwhile, designers charged with enabling new technology breakthroughs must prepare their cutting-edge component, module and system designs for high-volume manufacturing. 

In a recent article published on EDN Network , entitled ”Developing power electronics for manufacturing: System-level design offers an effective approach ,” Jabil Lead Design Engineer Zoran Mihailovic argues for building more effective and efficient reference design platforms. This type of approach allows designers to adapt elements from different systems to create new yet similar applications that can move seamlessly to the manufacturing line. In addition to saving time on front-end design, an integrated modular system design helps reduce overall cost, and speed time-to-market. The emerging world of clean technology, distribution and consumption creates formidable challenges for power electronics engineering. To learn more about Jabil’s unique approach to building and designing system-level design platforms more effective manufacturability, read the entire article , published on EDN Network website.

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