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[eBook] Connected Health - Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The first release in our Summer Reading Series

Around the world, healthcare systems struggle with unprecedented unsustainable rises in costs and demand for expanding access to care. And healthcare innovators are re-evaluating how more effective care can be delivered to more patients at lower cost. In our Connected Health eBook we identify these issues and discuss how the medical device ecosystem is changing dramatically from stand-alone “device + patient + physician” in the clinical environment to include access and mobility outside the four walls of the hospital.

Today’s buzz around eHealth is mostly centered on the clinical environment. Smartphones and tablets have already taken root in clinical practices with their intuitive user interfaces, easy internet connections, sleek form factors and engaging downloadable mobile apps that combine with well-designed wireless biologic, physiologic and anatomic sensors. In time, the tablet or smartphone may become the primary display.  

How will Connected Health transform the healthcare industry? How will interfacing medical devices to the mobile network drive better patient outcomes while taking significant costs out of the system?

The Connected Health eBook provides thought provoking content in these topical areas:

  • Interfacing Medical Devices to the Mobile Network

  • Mobility Technology: Bringing Change to the Medical Industry

  • Connecting the Right Medical Devices

  • Mobile Network Communicators

  • Replacing the Wired Network with a Mobile One

  • Privacy, Security and Remote Monitoring Across the Mobile Network

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