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Jabil Cares: Education, Empowerment, Environment

Jabil believes in empowering its labor force across the world to be a positive change in their communities. By investing in our people we are committed to bringing programs and services that improve lives both internally and externally.

Operating in 23 countries gives Jabil a broad corporate Social Environmental Responsibility (SER) footprint. Hundreds of programs focus on education, empowerment, and the environment. Some of these programs include:

  • Career Showcase - Uzhgorod, Ukraine 
  • American Heart Association National Walking Day - St Petersburg, FL 
  • University of South Florida Lean Internship - Shanghai, China 
  • Tampa Bay Rays Hits for Kids Walking School Bus - St. Petersburg, FL 
  • Recruiting Physically Challenged Employees - Huangpu, China 
  • St. Joseph’s Home for Underprivileged Children Outreach - Penang, Malaysia 
  • Crisis Center of Tampa Bay Volunteer Day - Tampa, FL 
  • Summer Camp - Guadalajara, Mexico
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Arrow Woodard - | 23 January 2017 at 1:29a

There is a wonderful organization located in Largo, Florida that provides hands-on lighting and sound design experience for middle school and high school students. Students are given the freedom to experiment with programming the light and sound systems, as well as plotting stage lighting positions to artistically enhance performances. Students are also given leadership roles to coordinate and facilitate the programming with a team of other students. Unfortunately, the programmable moving lights have almost all reached the end of their lifespan. In order to continue to foster this learning and leadership opportunity, and to be able to provide quality weekly performances, the student technology team from Anona United Methodist Church would like the opportunity to make a presentation to Jabil to show what they do and how Jabil could help continue this wonderful program. Many of the students are pursuing careers in technology, and Anona has fostered a tremendous learning environment that most kids and middle and high school never have the chance to experience.