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Jabil’s InControl Platform Wins Gartner Supply Chain Innovation Award

Last night, Gartner recognized the Jabil InControl ™ supply chain visualization and analytics platform as the winner of their “Supply Chainnovator” award during the annual Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference. The platform was chosen from a field of more than 15 competing supply chain solutions. Jabil earned the top spot in Gartner’s high-tech manufacturing category for driving the digital transformation of the global supply chain through the use of end-to-end visibility and actionable analytics.

“What we’ve concentrated on is not doing what we’re doing today – we’ve concentrated on what’s really disruptive and what can be done in much different ways in the future. With the application of analytics, we now have information and data that wasn’t available before or at least not at the speed that is today,” said Fred Hartung, vice president of advanced planning and analytics. “This is the area where you really translate new value for the digital enterprise.”


Building the Intelligent Digital Supply Chain

With a growing network of 102 manufacturing plants in 28 countries, encompassing 17,000 suppliers and 700,000 part numbers, managing Jabil’s supply chain is no easy task. Over the years, this challenging operating environment has forced the Jabil supply chain team to adapt and innovate with tools such as network optimization and processes like the semi-autonomous work cell. Until recently, creating a single version of the truth from this vast stream of data was technically out of reach. However, with the falling cost of sensors and continued growth of cloud computing, it’s now possible to connect, collect and validate the enormous volume of data generated by modern supply chains.The result is Jabil InControl, an intelligent digital supply chain platform that enhances performance by providing total visibility and predictive and prescriptive analytics. The platform features predictive modeling and proprietary mobile visualization allowing for a more holistic and actionable view of the supply chain. As a result, this improves cross-functional collaboration and enables quicker action when addressing areas of supply chain concern, risk or opportunity.

“The Jabil InControl ™ platform provides the supply chain ecosystem and its customers worldwide with unique and holistic views of the complex material flow from raw material manufacturers to the delivery of end products,” said Virginia Howard, research director, Gartner Supply Chain Research. “As an early adopter of innovative supply chain visibility tools and intelligent analytics, Jabil is making major strides in optimizing its working capital while automating supply chain decision making.”

As the global marketplace continues to grow, so do the challenges that come along with it. Arming supply chain decision makers with the best possible information provides a significant competitive advantage in today’s modern business world.

“Mass globalization, shortening product lifecycles, disruptive competition, challenging economic conditions and geopolitical threats make it very difficult to rely on traditional supply chain practices,” said Don Hnatyshin, senior vice president and chief supply chain and procurement officer at Jabil. “We’re thrilled that Gartner has recognized our efforts to push the envelope in maximizing Jabil’s intelligent digital supply chain with the Jabil InControl ™ platform.”

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Ben - | 02 September 2016 at 10:27a

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