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Jabil's Supply Chain Strategy Protects Customers

From the beginning, Jabil has been strategic in structuring its supply chain to mitigate risk. According to Jabil’s Erich Hoch, Senior Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Jabil remains cost-competitive within the market while providing customers with an added benefit—reduced risk. Jabil maintains a sophisticated, comprehensive supplier database that allows it to quickly evaluate supply chain issues and make adjustments. Combining a large global footprint and diversified manufacturing operations, Jabil’s comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the global supply chain is a strategic advantage for customers. As a result, recent natural disasters and economic downturns have had little or no impact on Jabil’s operations.

Because Jabil only partners with stable and financially sound suppliers, major and minor, Jabil insulates its customers from supply chain disruptions. For example, during the economic recession, many suppliers closed with little or no notice, leaving many manufacturers struggling to meet production requirements. In contrast, not a single Jabil supplier had a service disruption during this period. Similarly, Jabil’s customers were unaffected by global supply chain disruptions following the devastating earthquake that struck Japan in 2011.

Jabil’s strategic supply chain operations insulates customers from supply chain disruptions. Because of Jabil’s robust supply chain tracking system and its strict financial requirements for its suppliers, customers are protected from supply chain disruptions. In fact, Jabil’s customers gain distinct advantages over their competitors during

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