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Smart Glasses: Hands Free Will Set You Free

There are times, when you think about it, where hands free technology would simply be a blessing. Envision this scenario: You are driving down the road after a rainstorm and see a beautiful rainbow. You want to capture the moment in a photo but your smart phone is tucked away somewhere and taking your hands of the steering wheel could prove dangerous. You lose the moment.

While today’s portable technologies (like smart phones) are certainly a convenience, there are times when they aren’t. But the dawn of a new era in technology, smart glasses, is set to forever change the technology landscape.

What exactly are smart glasses? Smart glasses are lightweight wearable computers with head-mounted displays. They display information in a smart phone-like, hands-free format and can communicate with the Internet via wireless voice commands. Using simple voice commands like “take picture” users can capture images with a high-resolution camera.

There are many advantages to using this technology and the list is growing:

  • The ability to detect bright spots from the sun and darken to prevent automobile accidents
  • The ability to detect patterns like grocery items or street signs for people suffering from early dementia
  • Record a video – hands free – and stay in the moment
  • Share your images and videos
  • Speak to send a message
  • Translate languages
  • Ask any question, just like using search

With companies investing to compete in this area, the possibilities of its uses continue to grow in ways that will enhance our lives.

In this article from Techradar, experts predict that by 2020 smart glasses will not only be ubiquitous but also as useful to us as our smart phones are today. One of the more promising areas for smart glass use is in the medical industry. When time is of the essence, physicians will be able to monitor patients, access critical information instantly as well as communicate with their colleagues on issues.

“Miniaturized optics enable an exciting new technology which will ultimately influence all of us in one way or another. In the future, smart glasses will find their way into areas of our lives we do not even consider today.”-Albrecht Richter, Manager Director of Jabil Optics

With so many potential uses for this technology, are you excited about trying it? What was your initial reaction when smart glasses were announced? What do you think of their potential now? Please share your thoughts.

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