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Smart Packaging. Brand Brilliance.

Packaging has been around for a very long time in various shapes, sizes and functions. Using natural materials like leaves, early humans began the trek in shaping the evolving use of materials to create different packaging solutions. It is even proposed that 30,000 years ago our ancient cousins, the Neanderthals, apparently were proficient in boiling their food using a skin bag or birch bark tray.

Wood and glass packaging is estimated to have been used for around 5,000 years. In the early 1900s the first patent for metal packaging made from sheet metal was filed and in the 20th century paper and cardboard became important packaging materials until plastics came upon the scene after World War II.

Fast forwarding to the modern era of electronics – consumer convenience, sustainability and the unique dynamics of the fast moving consumer goods market are changing the face of packaging for the world’s top brands. Bold colors and new shapes, sizes and applications – from re-sealable to single-serve and on-the-go containers – all reflect dramatic shifts in consumer lifestyle that call for new packaging paradigms. One of those paradigms is Smart Packaging – intelligent solutions that enhance the brand experience and drive revenue and market share gains. They are the future of an industry that’s seeking differentiation opportunities that change the game. Smart Packaging creates brand brilliance for the world’s leading brands. 

Intelligent Functions

The basic function for packaging is containment. It protects the contents from the environment and tells us how to use it and in turn makes our lives easier. Smart or intelligent packaging goes a step further and begins to make our lives connected.

Smart Packaging is a conversation between people, package, brand and objects in the connected world. It is a platform for sensory experiences and added functionality and performance. Smart Packaging is a lens to see our world and a node of the planetary central nervous system that will learn and adapt to needs. Its various functions include:

  • Monitoring conditions and behaviors contextually through time and space

  • Contextual advice / instructions through deep analysis of sensor data

  • Supply chain tracking

  • Immersive sensory experiences

  • Endless shelf experiences

  • Interaction between other things and objects

  • Learning and artificial intelligence

Industry Drivers

According to IDTechEx, global demand for electronic smart packaging devices will grow rapidly to $1.45 billion within 10 years. The electronic packaging (e-packaging) market will remain primarily in consumer packaged goods (CPG) reaching $14.5 billion units that have electronic functionality within a decade. The six main factors driving the rapid growth of electronic smart packaging are:

  • Ageing population

  • Consumers are more demanding

  • Consumers are more wealthy

  • Changing lifestyles

  • Tougher legislation

  • Concern about crime and the new terrorism

In spite of market growth potential, the packaging industry faces difficulty in developing sustainable smart packaging products. According to Sciencedaily, the lack of knowledge in printed electronics and experience in smart packaging design that works for customers is a major hurdle to growth in this industry. Additionally, the industry lacks experience in providing total smart packaging solutions.

Working with an expert Smart Packaging integrator to move past industry constraints and hurdles will result in increased growth and profitability. Smart Packaging from Nypro, A Jabil Company enables customers to truly differentiate their products to drive both performance and customer value. Nypro combines Smart Packaging solutions with active design and development collaboration, end-to-end, vertically integrated volume production capabilities and global supply chain operations to help our customers both change the game and improve the lives of consumers in times of unprecedented change.

Learn more about how Smart Packaging from Nypro creates brand brilliance for the world’s leading brands. 

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