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The Digital Enterprise: Inside the Factory and Beyond

To successfully digitize, companies will face strenuous demands of a new revolution on the ecosystem of business as we know it. Unlike a transition, a revolution implies dramatic change that isn’t always easy.

Over the last several months, we’ve shared various perspectives on how digitization is changing our world and shaping the future of manufacturing.

IT & Analytics

A fundamental component of change in the Digital Enterprise is the continuous evolution of information technology (IT). IT operations will ensure that communication networks are optimized for sensor data storage, communication and analysis. As sophisticated analytics, insights and predictions continue to generate data, companies are moving away from large in-house server systems to cloud computing, where massive amounts of digital data can be shared across geographies in real time.

Factory of the Future

Leading companies are not only recognizing, but grasping, the need to incorporate increasing levels of digital manufacturing into their factories. By integrating an automated factory, manufacturers are able to optimize labor costs and labor scarcity; increase levels of consistency, quality and flexibility; and optimize costs.

In the Factory of the Future, humans and machines will work collaboratively to optimize manufacturing processes. Currently, machines are learning to accomplish human processes while human capabilities and skills are being harnessed at a higher value, leading to better outcomes, new opportunities and continuous innovation. Now and into the digital future, employers will need to train employees to thrive in a data-centric environment where human-machine collaboration is a critical component in daily operations.

The companies that have and will survive are the innovators, those that can adapt to the ever increasing rate of change in the world in which we do business. Survival comes down to how partnerships are formed, business is tracked, supply chains are managed and things are made. For those still fighting the good fight, global manufacturers who are equally sensitive to the relentless rate of change, remain.

Jabil is playing a significant role in shaping the next generation of manufacturing. By leveraging disruptive technologies in regards to supply chain, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), analytics, artificial intelligence, human resources and automation, we are capitalizing on opportunities to meet and exceed customer demands.

In our next campaign, focused on Intelligent Digital Supply Chain (IDSC), we will be taking a deeper dive into the transformation of the modern supply chain. Our campaign will examine the real-time risk analysis, predictive analysis, scenario modeling and complete transparency that will give rise to unprecedented value to customers through superior risk mitigation, faster time-to-market and security.

Digital Economy White Paper


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