The Digital Enterprise

The digital age is upon us and, thanks to the connectivity of almost all devices, the world is experiencing unprecedented change. The effects of this change touch every aspect of industry, from how products are made to how people are managed and how business is conducted.

At the forefront of the Digital Enterprise are capabilities such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big-data analytics, intelligent equipment and seamless collaboration that are driving companies to reimagine their businesses for the digital era. Consumer expectations are increasing as trends like on-demand access, personalization and miniaturization are emerging. As a result, companies are faced with adapting to and capitalizing on the new opportunities presented, or risking obsoletion.

At Jabil, we firmly believe the customer experience is at the heart of this transformation. By leveraging disruptive technologies in regards to supply chain, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), analytics, artificial intelligence, human resources and automation, we’re capitalizing on opportunities to meet and exceed customer demands. Enjoy unprecedented shorter time-to-market, dramatically reduced inventories, required capital and costs while improving worker safety and operational efficiencies.

Insights & Outlooks