Jabil Circuit - Electronic Manufacturing & Electronics Engineering

new product introduction, rapid prototyping, emerging technologies

Jabil is dedicated to companies, leading the development of manufacturing and supply chain strategies to launch and grow innovative products and technologies.

Growth Markets

Dedicated to Helping Innovators Succeed

Accelerating the Product Development Process

The Growth Markets Team helps companies develop, launch and bring to market innovative new products and technologies. We lead the development of rapid prototyping, manufacturing and supply chain strategies for customers from a variety of sectors, such as Industrial & Energy, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Computing & Storage, Networking & Telecommunications and Mobility.

Dedicated to meeting the specific needs of every customer, Jabil’s business model encompasses value-added engineering and concept design services. We provide the security and confidence of a world-class global manufacturing partner by deploying expert technical, manufacturing and supply chain specialists. Jabil has a keen understanding of the unique challenges that companies in this marketplace face and offers valuable solutions that factor in time-to-market, cost optimization, cash conservation and scalability. Our goal is to empower innovators of new technologies realize their full market potential.