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Jabil provides a wide range of clean technology manufacturing and design services with market-specific technical competencies and supply chain solutions.

Industrial & Energy

Solving Complexity, Enabling Innovation

As an early mover in the industrial manufacturing, Jabil provides innovative clean technology manufacturing expertise to customers in the industrial and energy sector. Having a keen understanding of the challenges and complexities that our clean technology customers face enables us to implement strategic market-specific technical competencies and supply chain solutions.

Why Jabil for your Clean Technology Manufacturing Needs?

As a leading global industrial manufacturing partner, Jabil is well equipped to successfully take industrial and clean technology companies into new and emerging markets. Our strong and stable financial position allows us to strategically invest in the capital, technologies, talent and infrastructure needed to facilitate clean tech product development.

Our effective integration of services and capabilities enables us to bring our clean technology manufacturing partners' products to market efficiently, while moving to high volume production quickly and consistently in the following arenas:

Addressing Unique Customer Needs

Jabil has a unique ability to simplify the volatility and variability in High Mix, Low Volume clean technology manufacturing, system assembly and supply chain management. It is imperative that companies align with an industrial manufacturing partner that can ensure quality and process controls, while meeting the long-term safety, reliability, warranty of various energy markets. We can and we do.

These capabilities enable us to provide integrated solutions that include:

  • Scalable, Efficient Clean Tech Product Development
  • Depth and Breadth of Experience
  • Ingenious Product Design Solutions, Innovative Products
  • Materials Validation
  • Testing and Certification Services

Investment in Cutting Edge Clean Technology

Jabil's proven processes and investments in technologies, materials and global footprint promote scale and efficiency for product deployment. By continually developing innovative technologies, clean technology manufacturing techniques and capabilities, we give our customers a competitive edge in the market.

From programmable thermostats that enable home automation to wind pitch systems, Jabil is leading the way with energy generation and efficiency solutions. Our top talent engineering teams and strong experience working with advanced technologies gives our customers the ability to differentiate themselves from their competition and lead, not follow, in product innovation.

Industrial and Clean Technology Markets

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Energy Infrastructure

  • Sub-station control systems
  • Power conversion devices
    1. DC/DC converters
    2. Inverters
    3. Generators
    4. Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Plug-In Hybrid electric Vehicle (PHEV) Chargers
  • Grid communication devices
  • Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) meters

Energy Generation

  • Renewable energy
    1. PV solar modules
    2. Wind pitch systems
  • Nuclear power generation

Energy Efficiency

  • Programmable control thermostats (PCT)
  • Lighting automation
  • Home Area Network (HAN) integrated systems
  • Smart appliances
  • Water filtration systems

Heavy Industrial

  • Automotive
  • Construction and Mining
  • Farming
  • Transportation
  • Elevators and Escalators

Global Footprint


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Jabil's Clean Tech and Industrial manufacturing facilities support multiple customers and technologies in key geographies, close to end-user markets, resulting in industry-leading quality at the total lowest-landed cost.