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Jabil’s High Velocity team helps companies design, build and deliver products in high-innovation markets where rapid product evolution is a daily requirement.

High Velocity

Fast. Competitive. Forward-Looking.

Jabil helps companies design, build and deliver products in high-innovation markets where rapid product evolution is a daily requirement. Our emerging technologies, design engineering, and geographies leadership helps Companies tackle new challenges in new technologies and territories. That ingenuity, combined with our integrated capabilities and daily customer commitments, make us the preferred partners operating in fast-moving sectors. Ultimately, we accelerate customer time-to-market and time-to-profitability so that customers can focus on their highest strategic priorities.

Jabil Understands Unique Challenges of High Velocity Customers

Today's consumers demand constant innovation, and flexible solutions that adjust to changing markets, a presence in emerging markets, and faster time-to-profitability for a sustainable market advantage. Jabil has designed its business to meet customers' unique challenges in:

  • Rapid product evolution
  • Complexity and cost
  • Emerging geographies
  • Time to market and profitability

Value-Add Solutions

From consumer product design, Green Point, validation and supply chain management, Jabil excels in the most challenging market environments and customer requirements. Jabil's continual innovation and complexity reduction helps some of the world's most successful companies customize global solutions.

With locations in every region of the world, Jabil provides sustainable solutions that reach emerging geographies, provides industry-leading global logistics expertise and total cost optimization. Jabil invests in leading technologies, global best practices, and success in high-innovation markets to position customers' requirements for speed, reliability, flexibility and affordability. Jabil differentiates itself from competitors through:

  • Comprehensive, vertical capabilities
  • Intelligent supply chain design
  • Global footprint and logistics
  • Green Point
  • Track record in high-innovation markets

Jabil Enables Differentiated Customer Benefits

Jabil helps companies achieve faster time-to-market, faster time-to-profitability, and significantly better total cost optimization. Our flexible, fast and proven consumer product design and solutions enables companies focus on strategic priorities while we take care of global complexities and logistics. Jabil partners with global customers to transform their supply chain, achieve long-term growth, and continually delight their customers with amazing, affordable and well-built automotive, printing, digital home and internet mobility products year-after-year through:

  • Better, long-term total cost optimization
  • Allowing customers to focus on core competencies
  • Rapid ramp of new technologies

Why Jabil?

Jabil's long-term stability and financial performance sustains critical technologies investments, markets and regions to improve customers' to time-to-market, optimize costs and mitigate risks. Jabil's unique operating model gives us the flexibility and responsiveness we need to meet our customers' design, manufacturing and materials technology requirements. Jabil treats customers, employees and the environment respectfully and responsibly, and differentiates itself from competitors through:

  • Emerging Technologies and Geographies Leadership.
  • Integrated Capabilities.
  • People and Culture.