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The Green Point team combines materials and process know-how to design and pioneer new ways of differentiating customer products.

Green Point, A Jabil Company

Your Innovation. Our Ingenuity.

Advanced Innovative Product Design

For decades, Green Point has been solving complex global supply chain issues for some of the world's most well known and successful brands. We provide advanced innovative product design and breakthrough materials technology manufacturing in injection molding, metal decoration technology and plastic decoration technology. Our cutting-edge mechanical design and precision machining are delivered by a world-class engineering team, who are committed to producing high volumes rapidly – without sacrificing quality or product design.

Jabil customers come from multiple market segments, including mobile Internet, healthcare, clean technology and others. As markets continually evolve, Jabil provides customers with truly differentiated product experiences. Our unyielding dedication to quality, flexibility, scale, speed, reliability and time-to-your-profitability, are pivotal factors in creating long-term success for our customers.

Green Point Solutions That Drive Innovation

Green Point moves at increasing speeds to adjust to changing environments, managing complexities and mitigating operational risks on a global scale for our customers. Jabil provides cost-competitive solutions that drive innovation and create long-term value. Jabil’s expertise extends to the following areas:

Green Point Capabilities
  • Tooling Technology
  • Injection Molding Technology
    1. Ceramic Insertion Molding (CIM)
    2. Keypad
    3. Lens and Backlighting
    4. Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)
  • Metal Technologies
    1. AL/Zn Die Casting
    2. CNC Machining Competencies
    3. CNC Precision Machining
    4. CNC Process Development
    5. Laser Machining & Welding
    6. Metal Stamping
    7. Mg Thixo-Molding
  • Metal Decoration Technologies
  • Plastic Decoration Technologies
    1. Multi-Shot Molding
    2. Stack/Rotary Stack Molding
  • Automation Technology
  • New Technologies
Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management
  • Versatile Global Manufacturing Footprint
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliant Facilities
  • Complex System Assembly and Integration
  • Advanced Tooling and Injection Molding Capabilities
  • Electronics and Mechanical Design Assembly
  • Device Assembly
  • Globally Consistent Toolsets
  • World-Class Supplier Sourcing
  • Proven Performance in Mass Production Utilizing Manufacturing Systems Meeting Cp/Cpk Requirements
Product Lifecycle Management
  • Customer-Focused and Aligned Teams
  • Value and Sustaining Engineering
  • Globally Adaptable Sourcing Configurations
  • Multi-Industry Technology Expertise
  • Vertical Integration Services
    1. Research and Development Roadmaps
    2. Product Design
      1. Hardware
      2. Software
      3. Mechanical
      4. Test
    3. Internal Tooling
    4. New Product Introduction
    5. Surface Mount Technology Assembly
    6. Modules, LCM, Optical, Camera
    7. Injection Molding, Decorative Coating
    8. Product Integration
    9. Direct Fulfillment
    10. LLC Global Footprint
    11. Warranty Repair