Defense & Aerospace

Security, Speed & Supply Chain Simplification.

Aerospace and defense companies demand security, speed to market, and the highest levels of service with the most stringent adherence to compliance requirements to ensure the reliably repeated use of mission critical products. 

As airlines are actively upgrading their airplanes for more fuel efficient models, adding additional routes to emerging countries and expanding global shipping services, the need for quicker, increased access to components, streamlined manufacturing schedules and rigorous quality testing is becoming the mantra for airline original equipment manufacturers.

Defense companies are looking for new technologies such as wearables, advanced optics and autonomous vehicles which can provide immediate situational awareness and information to equip warfighters and these technologies are reshaping the defense industry. 

Companies are looking for ways to mitigate the risk of complex supply chains; meet intensified delivery schedules; and grow their revenues in new and emerging markets. As such, the Jabil Defense & Aerospace team’s highly skilled and efficient workforce provide exceptional aerospace and defense manufacturing, design and supply chain management for high-mix, low- to-medium volume products. We deliver affordable electronic and mechanical solutions to compliment original equipment manufacturers' core competencies and reduce program costs. Jabil offers aerospace and defense supply chain management support for long product life cycles, helping to effectively manage global material scale, inventory, system integration and optimized assembly, logistics and obsolescence mitigation for parts and components.

Jabil offers world-class electronic and electro-mechanical design services to reduce new and existing aerospace manufacturing program costs. Our New Product Introduction and Rapid Prototyping capabilities provide expertise and flexibility to help relieve defense and aerospace manufacturing companies’ development burdens, resulting in faster time-to-market through excellence in quality and engineering support. Capitalizing on Jabil’s 90+ sites and 30 million square feet of manufacturing space, Centers of Excellence for Defense and Aerospace can be found in geographically desirable regions of the globe: St. Petersburg, FL; Livingston, Scotland; Singapore; Penang, Malaysia; Shanghai, China; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and Pune, India.

Jabil provides a superior level of quality and security that is essential in the highly regulated industries of defense and aerospace manufacturing. We are strongly committed to implementing the most advanced IP protections systems and market-leading anti-counterfeit protection in all of our defense and aerospace products.

Jabil has proven experience across a wide range of defense and aerospace products and equipment and security capabilities and certifications:


Defense Manufacturing

  • Airborne, ship-based and fixed/mobile ground systems
  • Nuclear, Chemical and biological agent detection (CBRN)
  • Secure tactical communications – handheld, manpack, and vehicle-mounted
  • Electronic sub-systems for autonomous vehicles
  • Military robotic systems
  • Military Satellite Subsystems Involving Embedded Processors
  • Mission critical networking
  • Power distribution
  • Ruggedized computers
  • Satellite communications and navigation
  • Servo-control electronics
  • V-tronics products and systems

Aerospace Manufacturing

  • Central Air Data Computers (CADC)
  • Data transfer and mass memory storage
  • Electronic Flight Instrumentation
  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control systems (FADEC)
  • Modular processing and flight management
  • Passive Detection
  • Phased Array Search Radar
  • Traffic Alerting and Collision Avoidance


  • ITAR Registration
  • Advanced IP protection systems, data handling and process
  • Authorized defense manufacturing facilities for secure defense electronics manufacturing
  • Global and secure IT deployment process
  • Strict anti-counterfeit protection


  • Aerospace: AS9100, EN9100, FAA 145 repair facility, Nadcap
  • Environmental: ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Quality: ISO 9001:2000
  • Regulatory Certificates: UL, CSA, TUV


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