Green Point Capabilities

Offering extensive capabilities to our customers, Green Point's capabilities range from tooling technology to manufacturing and supply chain management.

Green Point capabilities include:

  • Tooling Technology
  • Injection Molding Technology
    • Ceramic Insertion Molding (CIM)
    • Keypad
    • Lens and Backlighting
    • Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR)
  • Metal Technologies
    • AL/Zn Die Casting
    • CNC Machining Competencies
    • CNC Precision Machining
    • CNC Process Development
    • Laser Machining & Welding
    • Metal Stamping
    • Mg Thixo-Molding
  • Metal Decoration Technologies
  • Plastic Decoration Technologies
    • Multi-Shot Molding
    • Stack/Rotary Stack Molding
  • Automation Technology
  • New Technologies

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management

  • Versatile Global Manufacturing Footprint
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Compliant Facilities
  • Complex System Assembly and Integration
  • Advanced Tooling and Injection Molding Capabilities
  • Electronics and Mechanical Design Assembly
  • Device Assembly
  • Globally Consistent Toolsets
  • World-Class Supplier Sourcing
  • Proven Performance in Mass Production Utilizing Manufacturing Systems Meeting Cp/Cpk Requirements 

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Customer-Focused and Aligned Teams
  • Value and Sustaining Engineering
  • Globally Adaptable Sourcing Configurations
  • Multi-Industry Technology Expertise
  • Vertical Integration Services
    • Research and Development Roadmaps
    • Product Design
      • Hardware
      • Software
      • Mechanical
      • Test
    • Internal Tooling
    • New Product Introduction
    • Surface Mount Technology Assembly
    • Modules, LCM, Optical, Camera
    • Injection Molding, Decorative Coating
    • Product Integration
    • Direct Fulfillment
    • LLC Global Footprint
    • Warranty Repair

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