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There is a perfect storm of change facing companies who bring innovative products to market. The windows of opportunity have never been shorter. The pace of change has never been faster. A slip in the product development schedule can make the difference between being the next big thing or the next big flop. Increasingly, companies need a manufacturing partner to deliver not just manufacturing services, but to accelerate their time-to-market.

For decades, Green Point has been providing advanced innovative product design and breakthrough materials technology manufacturing for some of the world's most well-known and successful brands. Our world-class engineering team is committed to producing high volumes rapidly delivers our cutting-edge automation, mechanical design and precision machining without sacrificing quality or product design.

Green Point does so much more than deliver manufacturing services. If you’re a company looking to achieve rapid growth and create some real disruption in your market, Green Point is your trusted partner of choice.

Because we don’t just manufacture products; we engineer solutions.

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