Helping the Auto Industry Accelerate Innovation.

The automotive industry is undergoing one of the most transformative chapters in its history, as companies look to innovations such as electrification and wireless technologies to create compelling new experiences for drivers. These new technologies also come with a whole new set of strategic requirements for supply chains, and in the race for disruption, Jabil is the strategic partner of choice.

Jabil's long history of automotive manufacturing, design and supply chain management make us the most reliable and experienced supply chain partner in the automotive industry. We deliver everything our customers need to ensure timely delivery of the highest-quality components and products, with the industry’s most complete service portfolio – everything from product and engineering design to intelligent supply chain analytics. 

What’s more, our investment in the latest innovative technologies, including optics, wireless, and electrification of the power train, helps keep our customers as competitive, flexible and as cutting-edge as possible. We understand the strategic importance of emerging markets, as well, which is why Jabil has the global scale and reach to help our automotive customers grow.

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Jabil’s Automotive Experience Includes

  • Audio Systems
  • Body controllers
  • Battery management systems
  • Climate control modules
  • Driver information systems
  • Engine control modules
  • Hands-free cellular communicators
  • Heads-up displays
  • High density light modules
  • Ignition modules
  • In-car entertainment systems
  • Multimedia in-dash receivers
  • Server-based global navigation systems
  • Telematics
  • Vehicle access and immobilizing systems

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