Computing & Storage

Driving Global Growth, Disruption and Supply Chain Simplicity.

High-tech companies face accelerated disruption from new competitors, rapidly shifting customer expectations, and game-changing innovations that emerge with increasing speed. All of these factors result in the need for extremely nimble product development and the ability to bring breakthrough products to market as quickly and reliably as possible. Companies also must manage increasingly complex global supply chains, partner ecosystems, hidden operational risks and price pressures.

Jabil has over 30 years of experience serving the computing & storage industry. Some of the world’s largest original equipment manufacturers rely on Jabil for solutions from design through end-customer direct fulfillment. We make proactive, continuous investments in the initiatives that empower Jabil to meet our clients’ product design and manufacturing requirements.

Jabil builds enterprise computing and storage products ranging from entry-level servers to clustered storage systems. Nearly 80 percent of the products are built through sub-assembly and Jabil supports over 6 million platforms of orderable configurations.

With our Content Solution Group we provide integrated solutions to support fast growing customers requirement in a variable cost environment.


Enterprise Servers and Mainframes

  • PCBA single to multiple processors
  • Form factors include blades, 1U to racks
  • Embedded applications in storage, networking and medical

Enterprise Storage

  • Controllers and networking (HBAs, switches, data centers)
  • Form factors including tape drive mechanism, hard drive repair, hard drive systems (1U to clustered racks), networking systems (1U to 20U)


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