Digital Home

Delivering the Vision of the Digital Home.

The long-promised vision of the digital home is finally becoming a reality as consumers around the world embrace home automation and immersive entertainment experiences. Jabil’s High Velocity team collaborates with customers to cost-effectively build secure, global digital home manufacturing solutions ranging from consumer product design, validation, materials and supply chain management and reverse logistics. 

Our complete portfolio of design and supply chain capabilities, along with our global footprint, allows customers to anticipate market trends and accelerate the delivery of innovative products to market. We give customers the ability to move at great speed, security and certainty even in the most complex and unpredictable environments, and to be the disruptors, not the disrupted, in their respective markets.   

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Digital Home Experience Examples

  • Audio & Acoustic Devices
  • Convergence-in-the-Home Devices
  • CRT/LCD TV Boards and Sub-Modules
  • DVD Systems
  • Flat Panel Televisions & Displays
  • Gaming Devices and Peripherals
  • Set Top Boxes

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