Industrial & Energy

Solving Complexity. Energizing Innovation.

For decades, Jabil has partnered closely with industrial and energy companies to understand their needs and design solutions that help them reduce complexity, cost and risks while helping them deliver amazing customer experiences. We help our customers move with confidence and agility even in uncertain or unfamiliar environments. And with our investments in technologies and supply chain analytics, subject-matter expertise and industry experience, Jabil Industrial and Energy delivers quality to our customers at every step in the product lifecycle.

Jabil's Industrial & Energy team helps reduce both risk and costs, but our commitment to quality and reliability makes us your strategic partner of choice. And our diverse portfolio of services, including everything from concept development to industrialization through sustainability, helps our team deliver on that promise daily.

We have the unique ability to simplify the volatility and variability in high-mix, low-volume energy manufacturing, system assembly and supply chain management. In today’s global business environment, companies must align with a manufacturing partner that can ensure quality and process controls, while meeting the long-term safety, reliability, warranty of various energy markets. We can and we do.

Jabil's proven processes and investments in technologies, materials and global footprint promote scale and efficiency for product deployment. By continually developing innovative technologies, clean technology manufacturing techniques and capabilities, we give our customers a competitive edge in the market. Jabil Industrial & Energy provides the stability, integrity and capabilities customers demand. 

Because at Jabil, we solve complexity and energize innovation.

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Jabil’s Industrial & Energy expertise covers multiple markets:

  • Advanced Metering
  • Active Living, Smart Cities & Heavy Equipment
  • Appliances & Gadgets
  • Solar, Power & Industrial Oil & Gas

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