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Simplifying Complexity.

Telecommunications companies around the world are investing to build out the next generation of wired and wireless networks. In some cases, emerging markets are leapfrogging wired and moving directly toward robust, economy-driving wireless networks, and legacy carriers have an opportunity to avoid disruption and obsolescence by upgrading their systems. And networking and telecommunications equipment vendors are building those next-generation systems to meet the demands of those carriers.

Jabil's Networking and Telecommunications team offers full turnkey electronic design, product development and product manufacturing services on a global scale to many of world's leading telecommunications and networking equipment companies. We build products according Customer Specifications and provide a suite of services the help customer become the leading edge reference point in an ever-changing competitive environment, covering core and edge networking assemblies through to wireless infrastructure, backhaul and broadband access.

Jabil is the product solutions partner of choice for customers at the center of converged networking communications and next generation wireless technology. We understand and support key technological shifts that will drive growth across the telecommunications industry.

Our networking and telecommunications customers are faced with the ever-increasing demand for fixed and mobile broadband, driving next generation wireless networking standards as well as the emerging IP network. In addition, Cloud-based network technologies provide new challenges as the fabric of global networking communications changes dramatically.

With these trends extending to the new emerging economies our telecommunications and networking customers' resources are being tested significantly. Jabil's role is one of close partnerships and day-to-day support for our customers as they face these challenges.


Networking and Telecommunications Capabilities & Experience

Jabil's global expertise in product manufacturing, supply and repair ranges from user equipment and modem, enterprise LANS and switches, carrier switched and routers and cellar infrastructure.

Wireless Network Technologies

  • Multi standard Infrastructure through to LTE
  • Microwave Backhaul
  • Wireless Broadband Access
  • Security


  • Optical Transport
  • Core and Edge Routers and Switches
  • Data Center
  • Service Provider Video
  • Switching NGN Routing

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