Culture of Respect

The foundation of Jabil’s Respect. Recognize. Reward. program is built on a respectful work environment where everyone is empowered to contribute to the success of the company. The program’s goal is to discover, highlight and share employees’ superior performance and their commitment to helping others.

Employee recognition has always been an integral part of Jabil’s culture and, following our belief in empowerment, each site designed its local recognition program to fit its unique culture. When the Respect. Recognize. Reward. program was developed in 2010, it was critical that sites continue to run its local programs while at the same time, giving them the ability to submit exceptional employees for global recognition. This structure has resulted in hundreds of Jabil employees, from all departments, locations and functions, to be recognized and celebrated each quarter. Employees’ actions and results vary, but their contributions all support Jabil’s Guiding Principles.

Employee Recogniton

Natalie's Journey to St. Petersburg, Florida

Natalie Burrell

Human Resources
St. Petersburg Corporate

“The fact I am back at Jabil, 4 years after my first experience, shows hard work and staying humble really does pay off…”

Natalie’s journey to Jabil can be described as full circle. Even before completing her Honors degree back in her hometown of Glasgow, Scotland at the prestigious business school at Strathclyde University, Natalie’s Jabil journey had already begun as a summer intern at the company's Corporate Headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2012.

This early professional and personal milestone helped Natalie realize that Jabil’s culture and way of working was exciting and unique. This encouraged Natalie to seek further industry experience back in Scotland, with her eventually returning to Jabil in Livingston.

"I love walking into work everyday knowing I am coming into a fast-paced environment, doing something different," said Burrell. "I know, when the time comes, when I no longer feel that way that it’s time for me to stop."

Natalie’s internship experience, through the Scottish Saltire Foundation program allowed for her to work in Jabil's HR department on highly visible projects. This helped her understand the true purpose of HR, it’s service offerings to the business and why it was integral to the success of a global organization like Jabil. It also allowed her to network with a vast number of employees across the organization while learning more about Jabil.

In 2014, Natalie joined Jabil's facility in Livingston, Scotland and after working there for over one year, was lucky enough to move to the United States on a full-time basis under Jabil’s Graduate (JGrad) Program, something she says has changed her life. The JGrad Program is a management acceleration program for recent graduates and includes on-the-job learning and developmental improvement. Natalie is currently working in the HR Compliance (Legal) team and will move into her final rotation at the start of 2017.

“I’m extremely grateful for all the opportunities Jabil has provided me," added Natalie. "Being able to work and live in a different country has taught me so much about life and cultural differences. I look forward to completing the JGrad Program next year and taking my career to the next level.”

Employee Recognition Profiles

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Abraham Pulido

Materials Supervisor


Andre Barros

Logistics Supervisor


Andrea De Rosa

Industrial Engineering Project Manager


Andrés Martínez Flores

Warehouse Supervisor

Guadalajara (Nypro)

Andrew Wong

Netweaver Administrator

St. Petersburg Corporate

Andy Potter

Test Engineer


Angela Smoke

Quality Assurance Supervisor

Asheville (Nypro)

Anita Pallagi

Human Resources Generalist


Armando Morales

Automation Technician

Baja (Nypro Healthcare)

Bjorn Nyqvist

Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator


Cherry Peng

Global Supply Chain Analyst


Cleber Filho

Test Engineering Analyst

Belo Horizonte

Danielle Szostak

Organizational Effectiveness Manager

St. Petersburg Corporate

Edgar Lerma

Test Engineer


Elliad Granger

Business Unit Manager

St. Petersburg Corporate

Eszti Zupko



Greg Johnson

Senior Automation Design Engineer

Chicago (Nypro)

Harrison Riggs



Huali Wang

EHS Engineer


Hunker Wang

Quality Supervisor


István Pásti

Material Handler


Ivan Morozov

Production Planner


Joanna Brojek



Joe Chiarella



Jolanta Czajkowska

Rework Operator


Julie Overstreet

EHS Engineer

Mebane (Nypro)

Ken Bao

Senior Warehouse Supervisor


Kenny Ramirez

IT Support Technician

St. Petersburg Corporate

Khu Chee Sing

Materials Quotation Specialist


Kobe Chen

Design Engineer


Kris Brekke

Quality Engineer

San Jose

Levi Szálkai

Industrial Engineer


Lim Teng Leng

Senior Quality Technician


Luigi Sampogna

New Product Introduction Project Supervisor


Mark Butler

Senior Manager of Maintenance & Facilities


May Lin

Materials Planner


Monica Peredo Sanchez

Services Coordinator


Monika Florek


Bray (Nypro)

Natalie Burrell

Human Resources

St. Petersburg Corporate

Ngan Thi Tuyet Vo

Production Group Leader

Ho Chi Minh City

Olga Oleksienko



Qingguo Zhong

Production Group Leader

Shenzhen Plastic

Santosh Haral

Security Supervisor


Sarah Crudo

Senior Buyer

St. Petersburg Plant

Shivaji Yadav

Human Resources


Valiant Zeng

Senior Production Line Manager


Wang Lin Hsieh

Automation Design Engineer

Changhua Automation

William Strickland

Process Engineer

Auburn Hills

Xiaodong Dai

Assembly Line Supervisor

Wuxi Tooling

YeePei Ng

Test Engineer


Zhongyin Zuo



Ziana Niekmat

Material Systems Analyst