Deliver Best Practices

Deliver Best Practices Global Competition

Continuous improvement is an integral part of Jabil’s culture. It is top-of-mind for every employee every day. Whether on the plant floor, running a business or crunching numbers – we all obsess about how to make things better, faster or more beneficial.

Jabil’s Deliver Best Practices global competition is a natural extension of our culture. It combines our drive to be the best with our continuous improvement mindset. As an added bonus – and likely the reason for it’s success – it’s fun!

Since 2009, teams from all over the world have submitted thousands of projects in four broad categories:

  • Beyond The Factory
    Effective solutions and initiatives for improving office functions and both internal and external customers
  • Operations
    Process or system improvements that focus on increasing production efficiency, Jabil’s operational capabilities and customer relations, both internal and external
  • Employees
    Innovative employee programs aimed at engaging and developing our employees, our internal customers, by enhancing their work experience, improving their satisfaction and the work environment leading to positive output that improves customers relations
  • Social & Environmental
    Environmental or socially-responsible initiatives undertaken by any functional area or team with results that improve both internal and external customer satisfaction

Teams have to make it through Plant, Semi-Regional and Regional rounds before advancing to the Global Finals. Winning teams send a representative to Jabil’s headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, each year to present their projects to Jabil executives and to spend time getting know colleagues from other geographies.

By replicating the most impactful projects across as many of our global plants as possible, the impact of these best practices projects is exponential. And that’s great news for our employees, our customers, our company, the environment and the communities in which we operate.