Acting responsibly toward the environment, employees and communities goes beyond policies and mandates at Jabil, it’s embedded in our values.

Jabil is committed to ensuring employees are provided a safe workplace where they are treated fairly, with dignity and respect. We invest in making the lives of our people better, including innovative programs to educate and empower women, recruit and integrate people with physical disabilities and provide valuable training. And we reward employees all over the world for treating each other with respect.

Around the world, Jabil empowers employees to support causes and initiatives most relevant to them and their communities through volunteering, philanthropic initiatives and educational partnerships. Their passion for helping those in need is remarkable and has contributed to building strong community relationships.

We make decisions with the environment in mind. We are continually employing new efforts to lightening our impact on natural resources and have participated since 2007 in the Carbon Disclosure Project, as a top performer in the Electronics Manufacturing Services category.

We continually strive to ensure our operations all over the world are meeting those high standards while we help our customers stay on the cutting edge of green technology and green product design. We believe these values make Jabil a better global citizen and a more sustainable company committed to manufacturing green energy solutions.

Jabil Cares - Communities

Jabil Cares - Communities

Our employees respond locally to help communities overcome challenges.

Jabil Cares - Communities Expertise

Jabil Communities Overview. Jabil employees all over the world are continually demonstrating dedication to the communities where we operate. The employees within our Jabil communities respond locally to help those around them overcome challenges, from volunteering to improve elementary schools in Hungary and the Ukraine to proactively hiring physically challenged employees in Mexico and China. Jabil encourages and supports employee efforts, including: Jabil Volunteering Educational Partnerships Charitable Giving Jabil Community Programs ... Read More

Jabil Cares - Employees

Jabil Cares - Employees

Our programs and policies are aimed at providing employees a positive work environment, free of discrimination, and with opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Jabil Cares - Employees Expertise

Jabil Employees Overview. Our hardworking and creative employees have made Jabil one of the world’s leading global manufacturing partners. We employ a diverse, highly skilled workforce across 24 countries. We empower our employees to make daily decisions that inspire innovation and operational excellence and expect them to act with integrity and treat each other, our customers and our partners with respect. In return, we invest in employee development and strive to provide a supportive work environment free from safety and health hazards, intimidation and harassment. Respect. Recognize. Reward. Jabil's global employee recognition program – Respect Recognize Reward - recognizes employees from all departments and levels fo ... Read More

Jabil Cares - Environment

Jabil Cares - Environment

Jabil strives to conduct its business in a sustainable manner with the lowest possible environmental impact. We partner with customers to apply sustainable manufacturing principles in support of their own environmental goals.

Jabil Cares - Environment Expertise

Jabil strives to conduct its business in a sustainable manner with the lowest possible environmental impact. To achieve this, we ensure strict compliance with environmental standards at all our plants, integrate sustainable technology practices into our operations and pursue green product design.  In 2008, Jabil strengthened its commitment to the environment by implementing a global environmental management system – Global 14001. Today it is one of the largest certified systems of its kind in the electronics manufacturing industry and continues to grow, enabling a long-term carbon emissions and green energy effort. The backbone of our environmental management approach, it sets global expectati ... Read More

Social & Environmental Policy

Jabil Cares - Social and Environmental Responsibility Policies

Explore our policies for a respectful and fair workplace, community engagement and environmental sustainability.

Jabil Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Report

Jabil Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Report

Jabil's Social and Environmental Responsibility Report is aimed at providing our stakeholders with the information they need to better understand our commitments and the progress we've made.