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Everyone should be treated fairly, with dignity and respect. With employees in more than 25 countries, we value the great diversity of our employees and the variety of experiences, talents and cultures they bring to Jabil. Our programs and policies are aimed at providing employees a positive work environment, free of discrimination, and with opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Employee Programs and Polices

Offering a Safe and Healthy Employee Work Environment

The Employees Driving Jabil: Tracy Zhao
Tracy Zhao

Motivated, happy, and expert employees drive success in business. In a business as intricate and complicated as Jabil’s, having employees with an entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to grow is critical. That is why we made the commitment to training and promoting our employees – and why we are proud of their successes.

A great example is Tracy Zhao, who in the space of two years, went from recent college graduate to a master planner, setting revenue records for her client.

Tracy came to Jabil from the Hong Kong University of Science Technology in 2011. She was motivated and intelligent, and was clearly a good fit for Jabil’s entrepreneurial culture. What she didn’t have was a clear sense of the electronic manufacturing industry. Jabil Employee Development International Institute (JEDII) was made for people like her.

An intensive, months-long residential course for young, recent college graduates, JEDII teaches students a wide range of skills – everything from language and management principles to hands-on technical expertise.

Most importantly, it teaches students how to think like a Jabil professional - how to anticipate problems, proactively institute solutions, and constantly seek ways to improve.

Tracy herself puts it best. “JEDII prepared me for everything I will need in my work,” she said. “I am still able to think back and review [the training], even when I am in the field.”

The results speak for them self. As a master planner, she develops competitive production and delivery plans for Jabil’s client, and monitors the plan’s daily implementation. Within a year, her team has seen a 28.5 percent improvement in Master Production Schedule (MPS) alignment and a 40 percent improvement in MPS performance. In the 3rd and 4th quarter of this year, her team set revenue records for her client.

Tracy is the epitome of the motivated employee Jabil seeks to foster. “I believe my contributions can help Jabil and I know Jabil will help me grow as far as my ambitions will take me,” Tracy says.

Ensuring Workplace Safety Around the World by Investing in the Highest Standards

Jabil invests millions of dollars to ensure employees are safe at work, each and every year. Jabil recognizes that if employees feel safe, they will do good work and it is the right thing to do. Team members can focus on providing industry-leading services when they feel safe and protected.

We are doubly proud when safety investments and our employees’ enthusiasm for safety are recognized with awards. Case in point: Jabil Venray, which won the Dutch manufacturing trade association BMWT’s prestigious Safest Warehouse in the Netherlands Award – particularly noteworthy because the Netherlands has some of the most rigorous workplace safety regulations in the world.

So what investments has Jabil made that worked so well at the Venray warehouse? First and foremost is training. Last year Jabil employees accessed more than 500,000 hours of online and classroom training, including safety. Second is the continuous improvement of physical improvements we encourage all of our facilities to undertake. At the Venray facility, those improvements included new camera systems, more mirrors on trucks, and a self-designated battery exchanging system to improve ergonomics and efficiency.

Jabil also redoubled efforts to delineate clear roles for each employee at the Venray site. Every employee follows a set procedure and every manager understands their respective duties during safety inspections and procedure enforcement. These protocols leave as little to chance as possible.

Clearly, employees appreciated the safety focus – a survey of Venray employees showed 91 percent felt safer than they had in previous years.

There is no question that the Venray facility went above and beyond even Jabil’s high standards. And now Venray is working to share its success by working with other Jabil sites – including Singapore and Tiszaujvaros – to set even higher universal standards. Implementing higher standards will require extensive investments, but keeping employees safe is worth every dollar spent.

A Dream Realized: Jabil Employee Development International Institute
TP Yuen

Over the 20 years since he joined Jabil, TP Yuen has eagerly seized numerous roles and responsibilities – from operations to human development. His greatest achievement, however, has little to do with his own success and everything to do with the success of others. Last October, after years of research and planning, TP’s vision came to fruition as the Jabil Employee Development International Institute opened its doors.

The mission of the Institute is to develop employees to afford them advancement opportunities with Jabil, as well as to provide a talent pipeline for Jabil’s ongoing growth. Each year more than 600 employees will take part in four main programs: Direct Labor to Indirect Labor; Technician to Engineer; Practical Problem Solving; and Employee in Training. Each is tailored to the specific needs of the business function. Every student is also part of an intensive English language program.

Operating from a former resort in Guangzhou, China in an arrangement with the Chinese Government, the facility can house 355 students and trainers. There are more than 20 training rooms and workshops built for specific manufacturing applications including surface mount technology, tooling and molding training. Students live on campus and study full-time. Numerous study, recreation and team building facilities provide students with the opportunity to learn and participate in professional and personal development activities.

Jabil JEDII 2012

A life-long Star Wars fan, TP refers to the institute by its acronym, JEDII. For TP, seeing JEDII graduating its first class in 2012 is the culmination of a long-time dream. “JEDII will provide opportunities for employees that they may never have been able to realize in their lifetimes,” he said. May the force be with them.

Guadalajara Helping Pregnant Moms-to-Be
Jabil Guadalajara Baby on Board Program

The health of Jabil employees is a daily concern for Doctor Lizette Gómez. and as a professional, she understands the importance of employee health and safety. That's why she is a passionate leader of Jabil's Baby On Board program, which looks after the wellbeing of pregnant women in the workplace.

The four year old program has grown from 70 employees to more than 300. "Baby On Board is all about the safety of the mothers and their babies, that's the most important thing. It's great to know who they are and where we can find them if they need medical attention. We also get to share useful tips and information about pregnancy" said Lizette.

Pregnant woman such as María de los Ángeles Pérez wear a special armband for other employees to identify and ensure they are careful not to perform any duties that might put them at risk. "As soon as everybody knew I was pregnant they looked after me around my work station, cafeteria or the bus. All my colleagues respect me. They make sure I don't lift heavy material or do anything that would put me or my baby at risk," said Maria.

Physically Challenged Experience Opportunities in Guadalajara
Jesus Cabrera

When Jesus Cabrera learned Jabil Guadalajara had a program aimed at hiring physically challenged people, he didn't hesitate to apply. Four years later, Jesus is known about campus as an unofficial spokesperson for Jabil's Inclusive Company program, dedicated to providing a discrimination free work environment.

Jesus is part of a group of more than 200 physically challenged employees that benefit from the program that offers, among other things, accessible facilities and ergonomically appropriate work spaces. The site has also adapted policies and training documents to make them accessible to physically challenged employees.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Jesus has been promoted twice and is now in charge of maintaining feeders and other equipment. "Coming to Jabil was a big challenge for me. I was very excited and scared because it was the first time I would work after losing my sight," said Jesus. "I gave my best and I can say that Jabil is full of opportunities."

Huangpu Program Aims to Educate
Ling He

Ling He, Assistant Training Manager and President of the Labor Union at Jabil Huangpu, has long worked to improve employee health and safety. Last year, Ling He volunteered to lead a program aimed at increasing the awareness of female employees of health issues, including educating them to dispel myths and providing accurate information. The hope is that the women will be more open about such topics, and discuss them with family members to promote such things as proactive family planning and decrease health discrimination.

"Most of our female employees start working at a relatively young age without higher education and are almost all from rural regions," she said. "Our company has the responsibility to promote their awareness of health and self-protection, especially when they are living alone without family members."

Ling He said the project not only expanded women's knowledge of health issues, but strengthened their leadership skills. Now she's looking for new ways to bring elements of the program to greater numbers of women.

"A tiny piece of knowledge could change people's whole life. And I do wish to continuously develop the project to benefit more people."

Huangpu Spreads Recognition, Builds Respect
Candy Yu

Reno Tong knows that providing excellent customer service is an important element of Jabil's success. So when he saw Candy Yu, a Business Unit Coordinator at Jabil Huangpu, putting in the time and effort to expertly supervise a customer's business transition and strategy between different locations, he didn't hesitate to reward her efforts.

Through Jabil's global Respect. Recognize. Reward. program, Tong highlighted Yu's efforts, saying her hard work and dedication ensured a smooth transition. Tong expects the customer's business to triple in three years and providing Yu and others with the recognition they deserve will help guarantee employees continue to offer the best service in the industry.

The Respect. Recognize. Reward. program highlights the importance of a respectful and positive working environment while acknowledging employees' superior performance and their commitment to helping others. Employees from all departments, levels and locations throughout the globe are recognized each quarter.

Since joining Jabil in 2003, right out of university, Candy has experienced great professional success in this positive working environment which she attributes to her managers. Candy shared: "My favorite part of Jabil is the empowerment I receive from management who has built a trusting environment that allows employees to be successful. I believe I am valued here and the management respects me as a person."

Now a manager herself, Candy uses the leadership skills she's learned throughout her career at Jabil to motivate and develop her own 12-person team, including recognition for a job well done. "I have shared my experience with my team and I hope it inspires them to work harder so they can be recognized in the future."

Improving Health in Tiszaújváros
Zsuzsanna Stark

As an enthusiastic player of Squash, ping-pong and hiking, Zsuzsanna Stark believes that exercise is vital to a healthy lifestyle. As a HR Assistant at Jabil Tiszaújváros, she shares her enthusiasm for sports by promoting and communicating about the Jabil 3 Trial with fellow employees. The three day event features biking, swimming and running competitions in both big and small trials.

"Doing any kind of sport systematically provides physical and mental health. Furthermore, sports teach some important virtues such as cohesion and strength. It also brings values such as self respect, respect of others and commitment to a goal," said Zsuzsanna.

The drive and determination of employees like Zsuzsanna has convinced Jabil to sponsor the event the last four years as part of the Pentathlon week of Tiszaújváros. In addition to getting fitter and healthier, participants receive points and have the chance to enter a raffle. Those who participate in all three big trials are eligible to win a wellness weekend for two.

The results are obvious: more employees are exercising and improving their health, which Zsuzsanna says motivates her to get even more people involved – and push herself to exercise even harder.

Jabil Employees Overview

Our hardworking and creative employees have made Jabil one of the world’s leading global manufacturing partners. We employ a diverse, highly skilled workforce across 23 countries. We empower our employees to make daily decisions that inspire innovation and operational excellence and expect them to act with integrity and treat each other, our customers and our partners with respect. In return, we invest in employee development and strive to provide a supportive work environment free from safety and health hazards, intimidation and harassment.

Respect. Recognize. Reward.

Jabil's global employee recognition program – Respect Recognize Reward - recognizes employees from all departments and levels for superior performance and commitment to helping others realize their full potential. Since the program launched in 2010, over 2,600 employees across the company were recognized for their efforts and contributions.