Burlington, United States


37 North Ave
Burlington, MA


13,000 sq ft


Material Technology, Automation, Optics, Consumer, Wearables, Mobile, Automotive, Capital Equipment, Dynamic Tuning, Optics


Burlington, MA is home to Kasalis Headquarters.

Established in 2011, Kasalis was formed to lead innovation in automated active alignment technologies for optoelectronic applications.


Jabil Burlington's diverse suite of technological offerings help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.

  • Adhesive
  • Camera Optics
  • Digital Video
  • Laser Scanning Optics
  • Mechanical Design
  • Near Eye Optics
  • Optical Bonding
  • User Interface Software
  • Automation
  • Computer-Assisted Design (CAD)
  • Failure Analysis
  • Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication
  • Motor Control
  • Optical Active Alignment
  • Projection Optics

Kasalis produces advanced manufacturing systems for optoelectronics, offering the next generation of active alignment equipment for the precision assembly of optical devices. Through innovative design and fast turnaround time, these systems enable customers to bring new cutting-edge technology products to market with speed and confidence.

Kasalis has forged a new path toward enabling technology, allowing customers to stay ahead of competitors while leading the latest market trends and addressing industry challenges. For optical alignment, the company’s primary areas of focus are in the assembly of camera modules, gesture recognition devices, micro-projection modules and other optoelectronic devices.