Clinton (Radius), United States


200 Union Street
Clinton, MA 01510


825,000 sq ft


Clean Room, Automation, Design, Healthcare, Injection Molding, Laser Etching, Machining, Material Technology, Mechanical Design, Micro Molding, Packaging, Plastic Insert Molding, Experience Design, Human Machine Interface


ISO 9001
ISO 13485
ISO 14001

Nypro Radius

The design team in Clinton, Massachusetts, offer manufacturing solutions to customers in the Healthcare and Packaging industries. 

Nypro meets customer needs by providing a comprehensive array of global solutions in ideation, product design, molding, tooling, intelligent supply chain management, device assembly and manufacturing for the Healthcare and Packaging industries. Our expert teams leverage over 40 years of industry experience, fueling speed-to-market, ingenuity and agility. Our customers can focus on core competencies knowing Nypro’s experience and capabilities are behind them.

Partnering with Nypro provides a safe pair of hands whose design, supply chain and healthcare manufacturing excellence, coupled with reliability, accelerates market leadership. Our unique customer-centric organizational model allows nimble responsiveness and faster time-to-market, while leveraging the resources of a Fortune 200 company. 

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