Hsinchu, Taiwan


4-6F., No. 8, Ln.32
SianJheng 5th St.
JhuBei City, HsinChu County Jhubei


Since 2008, the design engineering team in Hsinchu, Taiwan has offered a comprehensive array of value-added product design and engineering design services for customers in the Printing industry.


Jabil Hsinchu's diverse suite of technological offerings help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.

  • Battery Management
  • Fluidics & Micro-Fluidics
  • Mechanical Design
  • Near Field Communication Technology
  • User Interface Software
  • Discreet Capacitive Touch
  • Liquid & Dust Intrusion (IPX)
  • Motor Control
  • Motor Control

The Jabil team partners with customers to help them achieve leadership in established markets, expand into new ones and move with greater speed, confidence and agility even in uncertain environments. Our sophisticated solutions leverage our supply chain experience, investments in innovative technologies and subject-matter expertise to bring value to our customers at every step of the product lifecycle. And Jabil delivers insight into supply chain complexity to reduce latency, minimize risks and costs and help our customers achieve the greatest possible value from their supply chain.


  • TUV
  • ISO 9001


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