Huangpu, China


128, JunCheng Road
Huangpu Economic and Technological, Development District
PRC 510530 Guangdong Province


As one of Jabil’s largest sites in China, Huangpu provides an extensive array of manufacturing services focused on competitive cost, superior quality and excellent customer service for customers in the Industrial & Energy industry. The plant is located in China’s first and largest Economic and Technological Development Zone in Huangpu, Guangzhou.


Jabil Huangpu's diverse suite of technological offerings help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.

Our capability and experiences on product mix has both breadth and depth. The distribution between the High Volume -Low Mix to High Mix -Low Volume is quite evenly spread. Our experiences in High Mix-Low volume (where the lot size can be <10 and >1000 by product) started since the establishment of this entity and processes has been honed to provide an efficient ways to support various product mix requirement for the customer. Couple with the unique Jabil's customer centric WorkCell model, we have become a preferred partner for a number of world leading customers.

The Culture of Lean Manufacturing principles are deployed for continuous improvement for both waste reduction and Quality improvement and ensure sustainability throughout all level of the organization.

The Huangpu site was awarded numerous awards from customers, local government and voted as China Best Employer of the year for 2012 and 2014 by Guangzhou daily. 


  • CCC
  • CE
  • CECP
  • CQC
  • CSA
  • ETL
  • GS
  • KETI
  • MET
  • TUV
  • TUV-R
  • UL
  • VDE
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO/TS16949
  • ESD 20.20-2007
  • ESD S20.20
  • ISO 14001

Physically Challenged Employee (PCE) Caring Program

Over 200 physically challenged employees (PCE) have found their dream jobs at the Jabil Huangpu site. The site has set up an exclusive production line including assembling, testing, quality assurance, wrapping, etc, just to ensure that we are providing a suitable work and life environment.

In fact, PCEs are very capable of accomplishing production duties themselves. They work in the Front Line Operation, Human Resources, Finance, Administration, etc.

We provide equal opportunities so that PCEs will enjoy their lives, with not only a satisfying job, but also the freedom to express their Art / Sport talent.

Being inspired, our PCEs can find their own value and contribution to Jabil.

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