Jabil Blue Sky Center

Dreams Take Flight at Jabil Blue Sky Center

The Jabil Blue Sky Center was designed to help our customers engineer growth and establish market leadership in an environment of rapid change. At the forefront of Jabil's technological effort, the Blue Sky Center displays some of the world's cutting-edge technologies such as factory-of-the-future capabilities like automation, as well as product design, intelligent digital supply chain, the Internet of Things and more. The Jabil Blue Sky Center leverages collaborative spaces for creating, cultivating and incubating new ideas from vision to prototype to global manufacturing.

Welcome to Blue Sky

From igniting ideas, curiosity and collaboration to tackling tough innovation challenges in a thought provoking environment, Jabil’s Blue Sky Center is more than a facility - it is an experience. It elevates engagement with our customers, partners, prospects and existing employees and the industry overall. Some of the world’s leading minds in engineering, science and manufacturing leverage the powerful, global resources of Blue Sky Center to elevate ideas beyond expectations.

Control Tower, featuring Jabil inControl™

What if your company knew about supply chain disruptions before they occurred? That’s just part of the incredible power of Jabil inControl at Blue Sky. Tapping into some of the most powerful technology on the planet, inControl’s real-time reporting, analysis and modeling stunningly amplify a business leader’s decision-making toolset. Visit Jabil InControl at Blue Sky and give your business a true competitive advantage.

The Radius Digital Prototype Lab - Make It Real!

The Digital Prototype Lab includes rapid prototyping 3D printing, CT scanning, 5-axis CNC machining, finish, paint, and assembly area as well as clean room and testing facilities. Rapidly design, build, analyze, and test ideas and hardware concepts from ideation to production - all under one roof.

Learn More: RadiusProtoLab.com

The IoT Lab

The IoT Lab at Blue Sky is a breathtaking example of how our digital and physical worlds collide to elevate the trajectory of humankind. The IoT Lab embodies a grand vision for the not-too-distant future where everything imaginable will be intelligently connected.

The Automation Lab

The Automation Lab is a glimpse into some spectacular examples of an intelligent factory. In addition to employing some of the brightest engineering, science and manufacturing professionals in the world, the lab showcases everything from the incredible efficiency and precision of automated processes to powerful 3D printing prototyping capabilities and intelligent collaborative robots like Baxter from Rethink Robotics. The Automation Lab incubates the next big idea taking shape. Come in - you know you have one!

Nypro Lab

A powerful example of how a collaborative space like Blue Sky Center elevates thinking in ways that can impact the patients of both today and tomorrow, the Nypro Healthcare lab is at the center of the action, demonstrating how Nypro tests, measures and designs healthcare solutions that improve outcomes and improve patient lives.

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100,000 sq ft


3D Printing, Acoustics, Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Clean Room, Computing & Storage, Design & Test, Digital Prototyping, Emerging Start Ups, Experience Design, Human Machine Interface, Intelligent Digital Supply Chain, Internet of Things, IT Cyber Security, Machining, Material Technology, Mechanical Design, Miniaturization, Mobile, Optics, Wireless Connectivity

Jabil Blue Sky Center
6375 San Ignacio Ave
San Jose, CA 95119