Kwidzyn, Poland


ul. Lotnicza 2 82-500
Kwidzyn, Poland


Established in 1995, Jabil's site in Kwidzyn continues to maintain a major presence in the region, offering low cost manufacturing and premium logistics to customers in the Industrial and Energy industries.


For more information, call 00 48 55 612 95 65.


Jabil Kwidzyn's diverse suite of technological offerings help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.

According to the 2012 Worldwide Electronics Manufacturing Services Report, Poland has experienced a strong growth rate in recent years and is currently the third largest location for electronics production.

Unique labor flexibility and proven technical capabilities, coupled with a local/regional supply base and effective logistic solutions allows the Kwidzyn site to shorten time to European market. The site also provides the most cost effective inbound freight solutions from Asia, 25 percent lower than most Central European transportation hubs.

The Kwidzyn team’s focus on customer service, commitment to quality and innovation has lead to several best partner and supplier awards. As with all Jabil locations, the Kwidzyn site has implemented Lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma methodologies, decreasing waste and defects while optimizing total landed cost.


  • CE
  • ENEC
  • TUV-R
  • UL
  • VDE
  • OHSAS 18001
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001

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