St. Petersburg (Design), United States


888 Executive Center Dr. West
Second Floor
St. Petersburg, FL 33702


136,000 sq ft

Green Point, A Jabil Company

Jabil’s Engineering & Technology Team understands design engineering challenges and has built a comprehensive ecosystem of solutions to support customers all the way from the beginning of the product development cycle to commercialization.

Jabil operates as a seamless extension of our customers’ teams to leverage our expertise across a wide array of industries to bring our own broad expertise, creativity and ingenuity to the table to augment their own innovation. And we work to securely design and develop consumer and enterprise products tailored to individual customer needs, providing the highest quality product at the best total cost solution.

Broad product development engineering capabilities in a vast array of product areas and deep competencies in specific product areas allow Jabil to deliver truly innovative product designs with a swift time-to-market.

Jabil’s engineers are the driving force behind every product created for our customers and the foundation of our commitment to the total product life cycle.


  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 14001

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