Yokneam, Israel


Shaar Yokneam - Tavor
Building #2
Yokneam Illit


Jabil Shemer specializes in contract manufacturing for high-tech capital equipment manufacturers.


Jabil Yokneam's diverse suite of technological offerings help our customers innovate and bring products to market quickly and reliably.

  • High-Mix Low-Volume
  • High Precision Motion Systems Assembly and Integration
  • Tools Systems Integration

Jabil Shemer Motion specializes in assembly and high end integration of both small and large complex motion systems along with capital equipment and high level turnkey assembly and integration.

Jabil Shemer Motion integrates complex motion and mechano-optic sub assemblies using advanced testing and measuring equipment to meet customer’s high demands for system applications. Primary expertise lies in the fields on precision assembly and integration within the micron range.

Over the last few years, Jabil Shember Motion diversified and extending its capabilities using synergy to provide high level system integration options that are not limited to motion products, but also provide a one-stop shop up to the complete machine/system.


  • Capital Equipment