Automotive Design

The next generation of intelligent and connected vehicles relies on advanced opto-electronics and kinematic solutions. Our extensive experience in innovative head-up displays and infotainment positions Jabil as a leader in these technologies. By partnering with Jabil, customers can leverage Jabil's comprehensive design capabilities and deliver ingenious products swiftly to market.

Automotive Design Engineering Capabilities

  • Product 
    • Combiner & Windshield Head-Up Displays 
    • GPS & Fleet Management Systems 
    • Communications & Infotainment Devices 
    • Electric Vehicle Chargers 
    • Internal & External LED Lighting Systems 
  • Capabilities 
    • Power Supply & Conversion 
    • Battery Management 
    • Digital Projection Image Generation 
    • Camera Systems and Measurement Devices 
    • Complex & Miniature Precision Mechanisms 
    • Complex Opto-Electronics Modules Displays, Buttons, Touch Control Panels 
    • Bluetooth, WiFi, WiMax, GPS, Cellular Wireless Communications


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