Optical Engineering Design

Jabil's optical engineering team delivers complex, high efficiency opto-electronics modules for Healthcare, Automotive, Industrial and Digital Home sectors. Utilizing deep expertise and patented processes, Jabil collaborates with customers to design groundbreaking optical modules and devices ranging in size from miniature to massive.

Optical Engineering Design Engineering capabilities

  • Products

    • Camera Systems & Measurement Devices
    • Miniaturized Projection Modules
    • Automotive Head-Up Displays
    • Endoscopy & Single Use Camera Systems
    • Gesture Recognition Modules
    • Large Format Displays
  • Capabilities

    • Near-to-Eye, Projection, & Camera Module Systems
    • Digital Projection Image Generation
    • Miniaturized Opto-Electronics Modules
    • Solid State Light Sources (LED, Lasers)
    • Light Management & Efficiency
    • Image Capturing Sensors
    • Patented Field Lens Technology

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