Power Electronics Design

Customers are able to build a stronger brand over time with quality products from Jabil. Our Power Electronics team fuels a diverse array of power control and conversion products with inventive methods of cost optimization and accelerated time-to-market. Jabil’s expertise in designing a full array of power management and conversion products allows the design engineering team to deliver cost-optimized, leading-edge products swiftly to market.

Power Electronics Design Engineering Capabilities

  • Products
    • String & Micro-Inverters
    • DC Optimizers
    • Battery Management Systems
    • Off-Grid & Distributed Storage
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
    • Motors & Electric Drives
  • Capabilities
    • Power Supply & Conversion
    • Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, Backup Battery Management
    • Energy Metering & Metrology
    • Analog & Power Circuit Topologies
    • Digital Control & Digital Power Conversion
    • Ruggedized Indoor & Outdoor Enclosures
    • Structural, Thermal, EMC Design
    • Firmware & Control Software

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