Printing & Motion Control Design

Technologies and business environments continue to change at an accelerating pace. That’s why Jabil’s Printing and Motion Control team partner with industry leaders to create innovative motion, sensing, imaging and control solutions for advanced printing and robotics systems. By collaborating with customers Jabil optimizes total product cost and delivers products with swift time-to-market.

Printing & Motion Control Design Engineering Capabilities

  • Products
    • Multi-Function & Industrial Printers
    • Printer Controllers & Engine Integration
    • Automatic Document Feeders
    • Document Scanners
    • Decorative Button & Touch Control Panels
    • Domestic Service Robots
  • Capabilities
    • Thermal, Inkjet, & Laser/LED Print Systems
    • Motor Controls, Actuators & Sensors, Gear Design
    • Low Cost Complex Kinematic Mechanisms
    • Paper Path & Handling Design
    • CIS/LED Array & CCD Scanning Systems
    • Image Processing & Quality Analysis
    • 7 Segment, LCD, & Touch Screen Displays
    • In-Mold Laminate and In-Mold Decoration Process
    • Driving Systems, Motion Stability, and Dynamic Control Simulations

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